My 2011 Visit to the Stone Horses Factory

Years ago, when I first set up this Blog, I wanted to make a post about my trip to the Stone Factory. I had a really great time while I was there, painting with my friend Gretchen Oneail. This past week, there was some exciting news about the hobby involving Stone Horses. Invariably, that got me thinking about that 2011 visit to Shipshewana, Indiana. (Now, somehow, well over a decade ago.) Better late than never, if nothing else than for the opportunity to share these adorable photos of Gretchen Oneail. I’m certain that Gretchen would be fine with me sharing, as I had told her that I intended to make a Blog post with them. I had been gung ho about the Blog when I first set it up, and I made several posts in 2012, but after the rough year I had in 2013-2014, I hadn’t ever really posted much, and by that time hobby traffic was moving rapidly to Facebook and Instagram. On the first stop by the Stone factory, we decided to take photos of us at the spray booths to document us bein

Tribute to the Hobby Artwork of Gretchen Oneail

Gretchen's old web site, courtesy of the Wayback Machine It’s been about a year since Gretchen Oneail has passed away. I miss her all the time. I miss the sound of her voice, the way she said certain words. Her goofy jokes. The way she honestly and unabashedly cared about people. We have very few genuine allies in this world, which is why the loss of just one can be so devastating. I’ve had a difficult time writing some sort of tribute to Gretchen Oneail. Every time I’ve tried before now, I’ve zoomed off to another distraction, because to write this means that on a very real level I’d have to admit that one more person I loved, has now left.  Her visit to Arizona in 2014 It’s especially tragic when the person was someone as vibrant and fun as Gretchen. Some folks in the hobby have met her at Breyerfest. That’s where I met her. I'm not sure of the year, it was probably 2009 or 2010. She was a social butterfly at the Clarion, and looked forward to her visit to Kentucky all year.